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Compatible problem

This update is awesome! Thank you all firstly! But I have a compatible problem. My device is iPad mini 2 and software version is iOS 9.3.5. When I want to download this app from my iCloud cause my iPhone has downloaded it, it indicates this app isnt compatible with my device. I dont understand whats going on.

Loss of data

I lost all travel data of the past 5 years after app update.


But I miss the Game Center support of the last version...

So much fun!

This app has made me go and explore places I would otherwise never have seen. Ive started clearing all the fog around where I live, and getting in good exercise at the same time. Each day I have to travel further to find new fog, so that ramps up my exercise gradually too! My map looks like one of those old "Etch-a-sketch" toys :) Used it recently on a trip to Germany, and it is interesting to look back on all the twist and turns (and wrong turns!) we took while there. One slight complaint with this version over the last… when you zoom out on the map the lines get too thin to see. On the old version the lines got thicker as you zoomed out and it was always easy to see your tracks. Overall though, I love the app and the improvements made with this last version have really improved things.

Dropped iPhone 5 support

Finally a new version after so much time! But sadly, it dropped support for iPhone 5 without any explanation! I tried to contact the developer without success. Ill change the review if it works on iPhone 5 again.

Horrible! Lost 46 levels and thousands of miles

Very disappointed! A big chunk of the San Francisco (where I live) has been literally sliced off of all previous tracks. And now its not even tracking where Im going. I tried to change the settings, no luck. Wheres the support or help?

Thank you for the update!!!

The latest update fixes all issues since iOS 9. The developer obviously put some time and effort into this new version. The app is now very responsive, doesnt crash, and works well even while using Maps. I now keep it always recording in the background. Thank you for the update!

Needs "While Using" location option

Glad this app was finally updated, but would like a "While Using" option to only use the GPS while the app is in the foreground.

beautiful UI

Finally I import the old data successfully.

Not upgrading for this!!!!!

So lets see. Last week this worked great with my iPhone 5. This update now says it requires 5s or higher? For what??? The A7 over the A6? Why? Well see how long the old version works before they kill it... VERY disappointed.

Nice update but

Since the update the app seems to access the GPS even without recording

Fun exploration app that makes travel a game

Been a user since release (4-5 years), and I always use this app whenever I travel. It is addictive! A fun way to see where youve traveled. The 2.0 release is amazing, somehow made it better and use less battery! Must download.

They quit compatibility with iPhone 5C

I was waiting much time for an update of this application but seems it wasnt productive...they quit all old devices that dont have 64-bit CPU like the iPhone 5C...

Doesnt work anymore on iPhone5!

Used to love this app, but last update cant be downloaded on my device (iPhone5)! Fix it please!

This controls my life

My vacation plans are driven by this. The new version tracks look much nicer.


Ive had this app for years! And finally a new update has come! This update is so much better and its definitely much cleaner and faster. I really really hope this app never goes away! It has all of my trips recorded on it and I love showing people. Please continue to update this app! Maybe providing info on what the rendering of the fog means (like heavy or thin). Thanks Ollix!

App updated! Finally! Ty ty ty ty!!!!

I called my brother about it today now that its finally supposedly not a battery drain hog if you choose the right option. Ive always loved this app but its been very disappointing that with the money ppl have spent that it wasnt updated for around two years. Thank you for the update!! It doesnt mess with my iPhone navigation anymore if I have this and any other navigation app open at the same time. It used to delay the navigation by 15 secs or so which can make a big difference in cities.

Terrible Update - DATA IMPORT FLAWED

Long-time user - latest update doesnt import all of my data - LOST 56 levels (now only level 240) LOST THOUSANDS of miles - for hundreds of miles around where I live. PLUS, the developer removed all communication paths. No longer part of the app & App Store link is dead. Prefer no updates to this bad update. Terribly disappointed.

Works again in iOS 10 - And now its updated

So nice to have this app updated and ready for iOS10. Ive been using it for years and it really is fun to see the paths for all of the places weve been.

Cant update for iPhone5

So bad, new version cannot be updated in iPhone5............

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