Fog of World App Reviews

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Top App!

Es funktioniert alles einwandfrei. Klasse App!

Nice update but

Since the update the app seems to access the GPS even without recording


But I miss the Game Center support of the last version...

My Favourite App!

Please keep updating!! This is the coolest Geo Cashing app!!

Oh wow

I was just going to complain about the lack of support and this update is pushed out! Havent tried it all yet, but so far so good. Greatly needed and appreciated.

Perfect update!

Successfully migrated over a years worth of existing data and synced up to iCloud Drive and Dropbox seamlessly. Very happy with this beautiful iOS 10 update.

Updated to iOS 10

Thank you for updating this app! I love this app and I hope that they keep uptading it.

First and best update since almost 3 years ago!

Ive been waiting for this update for more than 2 years. Was even checking the developers GitHub regularly to discover progress. Made my day :)

So much fun!

This app has made me go and explore places I would otherwise never have seen. Ive started clearing all the fog around where I live, and getting in good exercise at the same time. Each day I have to travel further to find new fog, so that ramps up my exercise gradually too! My map looks like one of those old "Etch-a-sketch" toys :) Used it recently on a trip to Germany, and it is interesting to look back on all the twist and turns (and wrong turns!) we took while there. One slight complaint with this version over the last… when you zoom out on the map the lines get too thin to see. On the old version the lines got thicker as you zoomed out and it was always easy to see your tracks. Overall though, I love the app and the improvements made with this last version have really improved things.

beautiful UI

Finally I import the old data successfully.


How about update for iphone 5???


Ive waited ages for this update, i almost lost hope but here it is! Im so attached to this apps, it keeps all the trips ive done and can tell me EXACTLY were ive been, very unique, love it

Doesnt work anymore on iPhone5!

Used to love this app, but last update cant be downloaded on my device (iPhone5)! Fix it please!

They quit compatibility with iPhone 5C

I was waiting much time for an update of this application but seems it wasnt productive...they quit all old devices that dont have 64-bit CPU like the iPhone 5C...

Update the app please

I love this app. It helps me record the place I been to. But I hate it in the same time. I help it waste lot of my mobile phone power, like a monster. Every time I start use it, it makes my phone die soon. Additional, it crushes sometimes, and made me lost the record. I dont like it. Please try fix the bugs and provide us a better app.

Almost perfect hiking companion

As an avid hiker, this app is a simply fantastic companion on my adventures. I am obsessed with clearing more fog and find myself exploring all sorts of back roads that I wouldn’t normally take. The only things I’d love to see added would be the ability to drop a pin (just one pin, not a bunch of them) anywhere so I can mark that as a place I’m adventuring back to, as well as a resettable tripometer to seethe how many M or KM I’ve gone since my last reset.

Nice app but drains your battery

I have enjoyed using this app to trace where I go but unless it is connected to power, your battery will die unusually fast

Really outdated

1) VERY VERY Old UI (think gameboy advance) 2) Old and lame looking Maps 3) VERY DHAM OLD UI 4) Always have to open app for it to track you, when youre running around you dont rem to launch it, I just travelled and it didnt record anything. 5) OLD 6) God Dham this thing is dated 7) OLD 8) Back to the future looking old 9) Back when Noah roamed Earth UI 10) Please update graphics, UI, and always running in background at all times

I love this app

But as a lot of others have said, it could use an update.

Wonderful app! Update desired!

I really like this app and feel its worth the little extra battery draw to see where Ive been. But as the others have mentioned, Id love to see some minor additions. More achievements would be fun! Places to flag/tag similar to the photo sharing feature. Points that get you a different icon as your person or something of the sort. Look at the tier base of waze, more miles traveled, more points(locally and national rankings) cooler icon. Just my two cents, love the app come back and add more!!

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