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Fog of World app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 7088 ratings )
Travel Games Adventure Strategy Lifestyle
Developer: Ollix
4.99 USD
Current version: 2.1.9, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 18 Sep 2012
App size: 52.7 Mb

Begin Your Adventures!

Fog of World is a real-life game that you need to remove the fog on the map by exploring the world. Its a fantastic way to visualize everywhere you have been in your entire life.

○ This Fog of World App Might Be the Funniest App I’ve Seen in a Long Time

○ We dont remember the last time weve run into an app that is as interesting as Fog of World
- Business Insider

○ Fog of World turns moving through your city and your world into a game of exploration (Rating: 8/10)
- AppStorm

○ Original worldwide location tracking game that will make you want to explore every street in your city and far wider (Rating: 92/100)

○ Fog of World uses the fog of war from videogames to gamify traveling
- The Awesomer

○ Was holding the 1st position for top stories on Hacker News!

● Features
- Records your tracks (even when the app running in the background).
- Shows everywhere you have been on the map at the same time.
- Analyses your statistics around the world, around every continent, and around every country and territory.
- Lots of badges to motivate you to explore more around the world.
- Support for Importing tracks through GPX or KML files.
- Support for syncing your data with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Pros and cons of Fog of World app for iPhone and iPad

Fog of World app good for

I was just going to complain about the lack of support and this update is pushed out! Havent tried it all yet, but so far so good. Greatly needed and appreciated.
Successfully migrated over a years worth of existing data and synced up to iCloud Drive and Dropbox seamlessly. Very happy with this beautiful iOS 10 update.
Thank you for updating this app! I love this app and I hope that they keep uptading it.
Ive been waiting for this update for more than 2 years. Was even checking the developers GitHub regularly to discover progress. Made my day :)
This app has made me go and explore places I would otherwise never have seen. Ive started clearing all the fog around where I live, and getting in good exercise at the same time. Each day I have to travel further to find new fog, so that ramps up my exercise gradually too! My map looks like one of those old "Etch-a-sketch" toys :) Used it recently on a trip to Germany, and it is interesting to look back on all the twist and turns (and wrong turns!) we took while there. One slight complaint with this version over the last… when you zoom out on the map the lines get too thin to see. On the old version the lines got thicker as you zoomed out and it was always easy to see your tracks. Overall though, I love the app and the improvements made with this last version have really improved things.
Ive waited ages for this update, i almost lost hope but here it is! Im so attached to this apps, it keeps all the trips ive done and can tell me EXACTLY were ive been, very unique, love it

Some bad moments

Used to love this app, but last update cant be downloaded on my device (iPhone5)! Fix it please!
I was waiting much time for an update of this application but seems it wasnt productive...they quit all old devices that dont have 64-bit CPU like the iPhone 5C...
1) VERY VERY Old UI (think gameboy advance) 2) Old and lame looking Maps 3) VERY DHAM OLD UI 4) Always have to open app for it to track you, when youre running around you dont rem to launch it, I just travelled and it didnt record anything. 5) OLD 6) God Dham this thing is dated 7) OLD 8) Back to the future looking old 9) Back when Noah roamed Earth UI 10) Please update graphics, UI, and always running in background at all times
Long-time user - latest update doesnt import all of my data - LOST 56 levels (now only level 240) LOST THOUSANDS of miles - for hundreds of miles around where I live. PLUS, the developer removed all communication paths. No longer part of the app & App Store link is dead. Prefer no updates to this bad update. Terribly disappointed.
So lets see. Last week this worked great with my iPhone 5. This update now says it requires 5s or higher? For what??? The A7 over the A6? Why? Well see how long the old version works before they kill it... VERY disappointed.
Very disappointed! A big chunk of the San Francisco (where I live) has been literally sliced off of all previous tracks. And now its not even tracking where Im going. I tried to change the settings, no luck. Wheres the support or help?

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